Florida’s New Board Member Education Certification
Online Training for Condominium Board Members

The Human Equation is an approved provider of Florida’s statutory New Board Member Education. Our educational curriculum has been approved by the Division of Florida Condominiums, Timeshares and Mobile Homes to satisfy Florida’s statutory New Board Member Education training requirement.

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Condominium Operations: A Primer for Board Members

This comprehensive 2-hour crash course:

  • Covers the essentials of board membership
  • Satisfies Florida’s New Board Member Education requirement
  • Generates a Certificate of Completion immediately upon completion of the course
  • Is updated regularly to remain current with legislative amendments to Florida’s Condominium Act

Buy our Condominium Operations course now and receive the following bonus courses for FREE!:

  • Acting in Good Faith: A Condominium Director and Officer Primer for Avoiding Liabilities
  • Communicating Negative Messages: Delivering Bad News Skillfully
  • Communication Skills for Condominium Association Leaders


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